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“Soujorn” explores the ideas of impermanence and emotional projection.

During the creation of this piece I experienced multiple transitions ranging from professional success to a confidence shattering riding accident.  These changes affected the direction of the piece as I processed my feelings with each stroke, changing directions just as my life had. 

This piece became a meditation as I reconciled and embraced the ever changing process of both life and art.  Along the way I discovered the hidden gifts that could only be found from a dramatic change in perspective, from being forced to see my subject from the ground up rather than the lofty view I had gotten so used to a week prior, from learning to embrace and release with the same breathe as I experienced this sojourn. 


Asleep is about finding comfort in loss. The brown dog on top, had recently passed away. In her lifetime, she was always watching over her sister. This piece aims to show her sister sleeping peacefully as her spirit keeps watch.

Though the piece depicts the comfort and safety of a deep bond between animals, I worked to create a feeling that is human and relatable.


This dreamlike portrait represents the timeless intersection between one's imagination and the reality of the world we live in. His expression shows how he longs for his imaginary world to be real, while facing the realities of growing up.



A commission of a customer's dog. Painting Brady's soft fur was an enjoyable challenge. I wanted to capture his "smile" in this portrait in order to have contrasting textures within the painting.


Many of the paintings you see are currently being enjoyed by their collectors. Please send an email to alexebauwens@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing work and would like to be notified when new work is available!