"Modus Operandi"

"Modus Operandi"

Oil on Canvas. Diptych, 48x48" total (two 24x48" panels).

Can be hung side by side or separated on two walls. 



Created in a year of uncertainty, "Modus Operandi", meets at the crossroads of

perspective and motivation. 


This painting asks the viewer the question, "Who is the operating force in this particular moment in time?". This is a question that I have asked myself in the creative process of this piece that has evolved during the worldwide pandemic and the events leading up to the United States Presidential Election of 2020.


"Modus Operandi" has allowed me the opportunity to consider if I am in a period of approach or retreat. This year is a space in my life where I ask myself whether I have an active or passive role in the events occurring in our world and what is the modus operandi that compels my movement as an artist and global citizen.


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